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Hal9k's .NET and Silverlight blog

Hal9k's .NET and Silverlight blog

14/4/2009 - Wildcard Proposal: Creating a Web Desktop environment with Microsoft Silverlight


Microsoft Silverlight offers great possibilities to create Rich Internet Applications. What if we could create a Silverlight 'Web Desktop', as a placeholder for these RIA's?


For the past year I have been creating a Silverlight Web Desktop as a side project. I think it has great potential. You would have the look and feel of your normal (Windows) desktop on the web. No mather where you are, you would always have the same desktop, with your personal preferences.
You can read your files, listen to music, watch movies, read your email all from one virtual desktop! Software Companies could easily develop Silverlight applications for your Web Desktop! Applications for the WebDesktop are loaded dynamically (on request) from the webserver.

Common tasks, like user authentication, file access, mail access etc. are accessable trough a WebDesktop SDK.

In this session I would like to demonstrate the concept of a Silverlight Web Desktop and discuss the opportunities of such a system.
If you are interested in such a system, please vote for this session!
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